Jacksonville, Florida May 6, 2024 (Issuewire.com) - Being a HOA community leader is not easy. It requires skills, qualities, time, and patience. This is why more communities need people like Roosevelt Williams. He currently serves as the Vice President on HOA Board in the Picketts Cove Community. Mr. Williams has earned respect among residents in the community. He does not hesitate to speak to members in the community who are found violating the rules. His personality is very professional and not intimidating while managing so many diverse opinions. He served on the board for several years where his good leadership has assisted us with community improvements.

As the vice president, hes the right hand of the president where he acts as the liaison between the between the HOA Board of Directors and the Community Association. Hes well respected by the local businesses in the community. Also, he has helped to work back with the city to get signs place in the community where they are needed to help with preventing accidents in the community. He attends our local meetings with the city council and the JSO sheriff department to discuss crime and the improvements which need to occur on the streets of the community owned by the city.

Mr. Roosevelts accomplishments and contribution to the community has helped with ensuring that Picketts Cove community has been able to maintain the value and integrity within the neighborhood. His dedication does not go unrecognized, as well as presence. He updates the boards with signs which he has created which the community can see on their way out.

This month we celebrate Mr. Roosevelt Williams as a valuable member of the community. We are pleased to have him as one of our most prestigious leaders within the Jacksonville, Florida community.


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