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Houston, Texas Apr 19, 2024 ( - ER Machining, a leading provider of precision machining solutions, proudly announces the expansion of its service offerings to include top-tier welding services in Houston, Texas. With an utter commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, ER Machining currently offers an inclusive range of metal welding solutions to meet the assorted needs of its clients.

Welding is a fundamental aspect of multiple industrial processes, and ER Machining has noticed the growing demand for high-quality metal welding services in the Houston area. Leveraging its extensive years of expertise in fabrication and precision machining, ER Machining has invested in state-of-the-art welding equipment and assembled a team of skilled welders at its welding shops to deliver superior results to its customers.

"At ER Machining, we are completely dedicated to meeting our clients need for the highest levels of service and craftsmanship," said Francois Martin, Director at ER Machining. "Growing our capabilities to comprise of welding services enables us to provide a more encompassing solution to our clients' fabrication and manufacturing needs."

ER Machining's welding shop offerings function over a wide range of applications, including repair work, metal welding, and metal fabrication. The company specializes in TiG, MiG, and Gas welding techniques. It sees the versatility and precision of results in each project. Whether clients need welding for custom parts, structural components, or repairs, ER Machining's team of experienced and knowledgeable welders delivers exceptional results with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Supplementing its in-house welding capabilities, ER Machining has onsite welding services for clients when, where, and as required. This flexibility allows ER Machining to meet the unique needs of its vast clientele and to provide conveniently efficient solutions for projects of all descriptions and sizes.

"We recognize that most projects are unique, and we are devoted to providing tailored solutions that meet any given clients' precise requirements," added Francois Martin. "With our expanded metal welding services, we can now deliver even greater value and convenience to our customers throughout the Houston area."

To learn more about ER Machining's welding services, explore their full range of capabilities, and see how it stands out among welding companies, visit ER Machining's Welding Shop.

About ER Machining: ER Machining is a leading provider of precision machining and fabrication solutions based in Houston, Texas. Located at 2909 Paul Quinn St Houston, TX 77091, ER Machining offers a wide range of services, including CNC machining, milling, turning, welding, and more. The company is focused on reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction, which is possible through its state-of-the-art equipment and team of skilled professionals. ER Machining, is thus in prime position to deliver superior results for clients across various industries. Visit the companys website at to check out superior machining services.      

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